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Amongst a culture seemingly calloused by global disasters, disparity, and various traumas, awaits change agents fashioned with a sense of matriarchal benevolence relentlessly geared toward transforming the world we know by intrinsic design. Mirroring this ethic with innate proficiency is the compassionate leader, Juanita Johnson.

Juanita Johnson is an orator, cleric, and multi-dimensionally adept with a mandate to extol the masses by way of an intriguing interpersonal relationship with the Love of God.

Her mantra is simple: Juanita teaches the Word of God without reservation and graciously advocates on His behalf. She loves people and has a passion to see them saved, healed, delivered, and prosperous.

Stewarding a true gift for personal excellence, Juanita holds a sincere regard for leadership, education, and communal advocacy. Juanita is a 2023 graduate of her Community's Leadership Program, and a former Guidon Bearer for her unit during training in the MS Army National Guard. She also holds licenses in both life insurance and real estate; as well as an ordinance in ministry since 2010. She attests that her love for God and people acts as a rudder to many of her leadership pursuits. It is with that same conviction she aspires to create various conduits of God’s trademark through the work of her hands. Having both taught and facilitated many instructional insights about the faith to many, she is most excited about her first book title release, “Love God”; a devotional masterpiece, created to usher a place of formable reconciliation and agape love between God and humanity. Seasoned with her signature ability to exhort the lost and found, Juanita believes that "Love God" will both inspire and ignite us all to truly Love Him.

Inspired most by the Godly legacy lived out through her great-grandmother, Juanita aspires to remain a trailblazer and conduit of the Lord’s glorious kingdom, an ethic she refuses to compromise.

When Juanita is not out changing the world for the better, she is an asset to her local communal body and a loving member of her family and friendship circles.

 Juanita Johnson. Leader. Trailblazer. Humanitarian.

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